Neuko Data Service

Securely stream and store your IoT data


Data stream and storage management are ready for you

Neuko Data Service handles the storage and management of billions of streams of data from IoT devices. Let Neuko take care of the complexity and technicality of streaming and managing IoT data so that you can focus on your business.

Data ingest and egress to the cloud

Streaming, storing and managing data is easy and secure


There are no limits on the volume of data collected or stored for any device. Our pay-per-device by tier pricing model enables you to pay as you grow.

Index & Query

Neuko REST API helps you connect the data to 3rd party application to facilitates collaboration.


All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, making it secure and ready for future use cases.


Manage your data with Neuko Data Service

Data storage made easier

  • There is no need to design and provision backend infrastructure.
  • Customer decides how long the data to be stored.
  • Data transmitted and at rest are encrypted.

Connect your data for further analysis

  • Stored telemetry data are indexed as intensely as on an hourly basis.
  • Data API can fetch historical data to your app or 3rd party applications such as Google Data Studio.
  • Because stored data is immutable, it is ideal for auditing.

Pay monthly subscription for every connected device

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