Neuko Device Service

Connect, provision and manage IoT device to cloud securely


Device management is so easy

Neuko Cloud IoT Platform provides every facility required by an IoT device to connect, provision and manage securely. Neuko takes care of the complexity and technicality of IoT device and let you focus on your business.

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Manage devices with a complete support system to connect and provision for enhanced productivity


Connectivity is ensured through Transport Layer Security (TLS) with strong x509 certificates, making device security the top priority.


Provisioning simplifies device registration and management, and allows you to scale IoT implementations using more devices than ever before.

Virtual Twin

Virtual Twin maintains the device's state. It allows telemetry state reporting and desired state configuration & management.


Manage your device with Neuko Device Service

Seamless connection to cloud

  • Device is provisioned with a unique x.509 certificates automatically
  • Supports MQTT and HTTPS protocols
  • Default connection to port 443 – common port for everyone.

Easy to scale and expand devices

  • Device is automatically provisioned into the registry.
  • Manual registration hassles eliminated.
  • Neuko API lets you build your own flow.

Digital replica ensures device integrity

  • Keeps the latest physical device’s state.
  • Device status in the digital is accessible although the actual is offline.
  • Maintain the desired state from user.

Pay monthly subscription for every connected device

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