Neuko Relay Service

Let your IoT device send and receive messages from the outside world securely and easily


The power of device automation is in your hand

Connect your device and start to send or receive messages to or from the outside world, and automate it based on the conditions that you specified. Let Neuko take care of the complexity and technicality of securely sharing the IoT device message with other parties.

IoT device relaying message via cloud iot platform

Enhance messaging with other devices or applications for more comprehensive automation

Real-time Streaming

Monitors and manages device states in real-time, making timely decisions to improve product performance, increase efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage. Support up to 10 clients to stream data via the secure GraphQL protocol.​

Device-to-device Messaging

Device-to-device messaging allows you to set up a telemetric state's condition to trigger another device's state. This feature helps a set of devices work together, especially by enabling different scenes.

3rd Party Application

Configure devices to trigger third-party endpoints when certain conditions are met. Write a condition to your device's state to trigger one or more HTTP endpoints. It helps you develop an external web app or connect to a third-party device as part of your solution.


Automate your application with Neuko Relay Service

Stream to you device from anywhere

  • Any changes in the device’s telemetric state can be streamed directly to your user through your application.
  • Neuko’s Device SDK automatically stops the streaming if there aren’t any active users to optimize data bandwidth.
  • For example, an app streams the temperature of a building.

If this, do that

  • You can configure some devices’ conditions to command another device’s action.
  • Or you can integrate Neuko’s Relay API into your application to hook between devices.
  • For example, if a water sensor detects an overflow, it then triggers an alarm.

Integrate with other application to create super automation

  • With Neuko’s Web App, you can configure some conditions on a device to POST to an HTTP endpoint.
  • A single rule of conditions can POST up to 50 HTTP endpoints.
  • For example, to give a command to Amazon Alexa via IFTTT when a temperature sensor reads too cold.

Pay a monthly subscription based on the number of messages processed. ​

Visit our pricing page to learn more.

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