Junior Stack Developer

Neuko is looking for passionate Junior Stack Developer

We are looking for those who is motivated in developing stack system in cloud environment. Fill up the application form now!

Your responsibilities as a junior stack developer

  • to love the customers and uphold their rights. This is always the most important role for everyone.
  • to work together with senior and executive team members.
  • to write a lot of programming code: You will be building solutions for in-house use and for customers.
  • to build databases, state machines, functions and many other interesting stuffs. The seniors will teach you the architecture, and then they will sit and watch you cry as you build it. 
  • to speak up in meeting. We like ideas and how to execute the ideas.
  • to tell the world what you have done. We love people who writes in their LinkedIn.
  • to be more than on time. If you complete a task 5 minutes earlier, then you are one of the rare people who complete a task early.
  • to work as a team.

Job requirements

  • Of course, we need to see at least your relevant Stack Developer degree.
    We prefer candidates who have a background, experience, or obsession with electronics.
  • Javascript and its family are not your arch-enemies.
  • Python is like your pet.
  • Its no secret that we use a lot of JSON and YAML formats. So get ready with these because we will ask them in the interview.
  • Psst, just a little secret. Neuko uses AWS. We heard that questions about DynamoDB, S3, Lambda, API Gateway, and IAM will be asked during the interview.
  • Github and VSCode are our best friends. You better be one too.
  • You are passionate about learning new things.

Benefits of working in Neuko

  • the opportunity to grow alongside with a startup from early days.
  • this posting is to look for founding team members.
  • working hand-in-hand with customers.
  • work from home for most of the time.