MYStartup Pre-Accelerator Program Cohort 2

Neuko was chosen as one of 40 startups across Malaysia to participate in the MYStartup Pre-Accelerator Program Cohort 2 on October 7, 2022, a program that was brought by Beyond 4 and Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd.

Across the 5-month journey, seven core modules have been prepared to equip the startup with the best foundation for running a startup. 

If you are here to evaluate whether to join the program or otherwise, we hope to share with you the masterclasses prepared and what we learned from the program.

Neuko certificate MyStartup PreAccelerator Cohort 2
Neuko certificate MyStartup PreAccelerator Cohort 2

Masterclass 1: Founders, Team Management & Communication

The first step of starting any business venture is building a mastermind alliance to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

In order to be successful, it’s important to get together with other successful people to talk about ideas and work together to make them happen.

As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. So how does one identify the right founders to work with and ultimately manage and communicate with them effectively?

Masterclass 2: Business Model Canvas

Profit is the lifeblood of any business.

A company’s business model is its core strategy for making a profit by identifying the products or services it plans to sell, its target audiences, and anticipating any possible expenses.

Therefore, businesses must have the right business model in place to attract investors, recruit talented employees, and motivate them to work hard.

Masterclass 3: Product Development

A lot goes into a product roadmap. Customer ideas, feature requests, internal input, and backlogs of work all inform the various components.

What gets included in your roadmap should be closely aligned with the strategy that you have already defined.

These choices are made after careful review and consideration by a cross-functional product team with the product manager at the helm, steering the rudder so that any roadmap decisions support your overall vision.

The participants were given several ideas for creating a product roadmap and tracking overall development progress. 

Masterclass 4: Financial Modeling & Valuation

This masterclass covered topics surrounding the valuation of the company.

The class went on to teach the startups about keeping track of the Capitalization Table.

The startups were taught to get their financial models right by refining their financial planning and processes.

Masterclass 5: Sales & Marketing

The class highlighted the steps startups need to take to build their sales funnel.

The startups were given advice on how to successfully apply their sales skills in real-world applications and understand the key tools to boost the digital marketing efforts.

Masterclass 6: How to Pitch

The class taught startups on how they can tell the story of their product and service.

The startups were taught on how to connect the key messages with their competitive advantage, and highlight their future potential and growth, all while keeping and pulling in further attention from potential investors, partners, and team members.

Masterclass 7: Legal Basics for Startup

This masterclass will help founders understand the Legal Basics of starting a company, from the processes required to registered a company, and more importantly the legal gaps to cover during that process to keep your IP, business and yourself protected.

Final Evaluation

On February 16, 2023, after a 5-month journey, Neuko completed the programme with the final evaluation, where the founder pitched to external judges.

The evaluation also marked the end of the 5-month program.