The Problems

It starts with experiencing the difficulty of finding the most suitable Internet of Things (IoT) platform to commence an IoT project.

The previous company he works for has an idea and customers but not so much the capital. However, building the pilot project already costs a very high OpEx to the company account.

In the middle of the operation, despite the testing failure many times, the operating costs such as cloud cost management and connection still have to be paid even if the product is not yet marketable.

After much testing, products are ready, the business runs as usual, and starts to get recognition.

Next, they began to gain new opportunities after working on the IoT project on their preferred cloud provider. Another common problem yet unresolved arises.

An existing well-known company requested to use their product with a particular demand; use our current cloud provider. 

Requests keep coming in with the same conditions; specific cloud provider.

Any developers will understand this situation; a different cloud provider means doing it all over again for a project, starting from scratch, no other way. Recode everything on the program, a frustration.

Well, a company can do this if you have a considerable budget and more team members, not to forget the skilled ones. 

The situation was a barrier to getting more customers, and opportunities had to turn down. Promising opportunities always slip out and cause more frustration for the developer teams.

It sounds like this circumstance denies their system—another situation faced by businesses who embark on the IoT arena.

As the company CTO back then, putting himself in the customer’s shoes, and as a developer with 15 years of experience, Saiful Nizam Ismaail intensely needs to allow any IoT to run on any cloud provider. To limitless the connectivity.

And that’s how this new company, Neuko’s story begins. 

Working on the solutions, Neuko is not fighting the giants in the cloud providers arena. Neuko is there to complement one another. Make it IoT-friendly and simple.