IoT Platforms are mostly the same, so why Neuko?

The Needs of Cloud IoT Platforms

IoT (Internet of Things) platforms may sound common among developers and engineering students.

Developers find a suitable IoT platform to suit their company products and condition that might end up using more than one IoT platform to fulfill their customer needs.

The students will be searching for which IoT platform is free and accepted by the university requirement, although some IoT platforms may no longer is practical in the working industry.

Below are the elements Neuko brings to anyone looking for an IoT platform and the value the platform serves you.

Managed-Service Platform

Neuko provides all the functionality to develop and manage IoT devices from one space.

This IoT platform offers services such as:

They are allowing your product to integrate with any cloud providers. With the All In One IoT Facilities – you can now work your IoT space without worrying about which cloud providers to use. 

Monitor and analyze your business parameters and achieve the KPIs quickly

Next is the Data visualization presented – you’ll be able to improve decision making, unearth real insights and see your business KPIs change for the better in real-time.

A platform that collects data should support data visualization to sustain the product development progress.

Leveraging High-end Cloud Security

Your data is protected.

When talking about IoT, data protection is vital. Security is the most crucial aspect, especially for product developers.

Neuko is always coup with the latest security policy. Hence, Neuko is not compromising on security – customers can deploy Neuko with the assurance that their data is protected.

Each authorized device and user has an identity with Neuko IoT. Following the best practices when integrating shall be a discipline to the product owner for protection.

Total Cost of Ownership

The cost to embark on and maintain the IoT concerns the product owner. This IoT Platform proposes an easy and affordable way to develop new IoT applications.

IoT should be more cheap and easy now. Thus, Neuko guaranteed low TCO – Neuko’s all-inclusive IoT platform reduces development time and cost.

The IoT platform offers ready SDK and API optimizes your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

From developers to developers

Lastly, the Neuko IoT Platform is a product from software developers for developers.

The IoT Platform is Built for Developers – providing a seamless SDK and API integration.

You don’t have to start from scratch. Instead of calculating the cost to begin launching on which IoT platform to use, Neuko helps you steer clear on your budgeting process. 

Start your project right away and focus on your end product.