Transform Idea Into Product

Software Talent Is Always Expensive

You have an idea and some allocation of budget. It would be most valuable to start building your product soon, but hiring talent will be costly and take time.

Hiring a top talent might ensure the skilled staffing would do the task extensively, but you cannot only have individuals for each task; you need a team.

It would help if you had a group of talent to expedite the process to go to market fast and get feedback at the soonest to reevaluate your product.

Neuko Development Service (DevServe)

Development Service (DevServ) will equip you with the most features and benefits needed. Borrow a team to develop your product and ride on the service advantages offered.

With the DevServ offered by Neuko, you only pay for what you need and use. Most importantly, you are not bound to any commitment until you can hire a team and get revenue.

Neuko’s pay-as-you-need model eliminates the development complexity. A business owner should concentrate on what truly matters: R&D and business growth.

Monthly OpEx comparison charts between DIY, BYOC and Neuko

Your Operating Expense (OPEX) is automatically optimized when you are not bound to any commitments. This action will help you to grow faster and save by at least 10% on the current cost. Stabilize your business from the start.

With the Development Service to help you build the product, your focus should be on the end product. Expand now, and discover what else you can do with your device and applications to explore more business opportunities to serve others without delay.

Agile Framework to Go-to-Market Faster

The technology market needs an agile methodology because it is evolving very fast.

Development Service helps you to build your products concurrently with the market changes. Neuko will help you go to market quickly, launch them effectively and make course corrections fast.

Not only that, the Neuko Development Service will be your first step to going digital and exploring the market.

Transform your business idea into a product.

Get your software development right away.