’s First Event Participation

Visiting Tech In Asia 2022 at Marina Bay, Singapore’s first event is tomorrow! It is an eye opener for the team after attending a two-day TechAsia event in Singapore on the 21 and 22 of September 2022 and gaining some insight on the current venture capital and market demands.

Confirming there are needs and directions for the services provided by has made the team more enthusiastic about opening doors to more organisations to explore better opportunities in the IoT, starting with migration to digitalisation and cloud use.

Tech in Asia 2022 Conference
Tech in Asia 2022 Conference

More and more organisations are taking opportunities to grow with cloud capabilities; therefore, any organisation should also not let go of this reasonable shift. 

Meet Neuko at Smart Nation 2022

Thus, is available for a face-to-face sharing session for you. The team is excited to share’s participation in the Smart Nation Expo 2022. The event is held from 27 – 29th September 2022 (9am-6pm) at MITEC, Kuala Lumpur.

Smart Nation Expo 2022 will be first event participation, and the team are keen to assist as much as they can to show the need of going digitisation with the right course.

Smart Nation 2022 Flyer
Smart Nation 2022 Flyer

So save your date, meet at booth no 3061.

Click this link for pre-registration.

See you there!