The first 6 months

Neuko Sdn Bhd successfully registered on paper on the last day of 2021, after finalizing its purpose to be formed.

Officially incorporated on 31 December 2021, the struggle and the impossibility of integrating a system from one cloud provider to another is the fundamental idea behind Neuko’s existence in the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

There is a much-desired need for customers to have the privilege of choosing their preferred cloud provider, which has attracted the interest of an angel who is an owner of an energy solution company to fund Neuko’s operation. Neuko is able to get its pre-seed fund as early as Jan 2022 for its intended IoT solutions presented.

With years of hands-on experience as a Software Developer, Neuko’s CEO, the main character of this startup, has committed to creating a centralized IoT platform to fulfill this need.

Neuko provides solutions to businesses from various cloud providers to shift or merge a system without having to rebuild or recode the existing programs from scratch, expanding business potential.

With the pre-seed fund received, Neuko, with a team of four, achieved their aim to launch the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and marketing effort. However, this hard work did not start on the first day Neuko was officially integrated.

This startup journey started somewhere in 2021 after a few stages of discussion, convincing, and the what is this and that sessions among the team.

The feature launched under the MVP is Neuko’s main feature called Service Relay, allowing device connection to the Neuko platform.

Neuko manages the connection to the customers’ preferred cloud through this service. With the MVP, Neuko managed to contract their first customer in March 2022. This is the most significant achievement for the team as it shows the product they are working on is beneficial to others.

Heads up to the Neuko latest website for more info.

The first 6 months of building this startup are never an easy journey for each team member.

After the turbulence and the storm, Neuko has put through their first 6 months. May this startup keep flourishing and always be the choice of the customers.