Does Neuko’s offering related to your IoT needs?

Neuko’s existence resulted from the problems experienced by an ex-CTO facing multiple times rejecting IoT projects due to different policies in cloud requirements.

When a company is interested in the products, the development team needs to rewrite the code from scratch, increasing costs and time and requiring different talent.

Adding to this, the customer wants to have the product they purchases can integrate with other IoT products in the same space.

What Neuko wants to do

Managed-service Cloud IoT Platform

Neuko is a Cloud IoT platform provider that offers IoT features such as connectivity, storage, communication, and security with cloud services.

Neuko Cloud IoT platform enables your business to shift from current implementations to any cloud service provider. Whether big, small, or startup, the Neuko IoT platform suits business to expand potential growth without limiting themselves to specific cloud providers.

Neuko’s mission is to revolutionize the way IoT connects. A bridge to connect between any cloud providers to yours.

Software Development Service

Besides offering the IoT platform that complements especially among the giant cloud providers, Neuko also provides a team of development services called DevServ.

With this service, a company does not need to commit to talent. In addition, the company will be more agile and practical and get to market fast with no risk.

CTOs and developers are not the only parties that need a platform to support their tasks.

A business owner who wants to embark on the IoT should also know the potential for their IoT business expansion by choosing the right IoT platform at the start.

Nevertheless, for an existing company, it is always a good investment to get a solution for your IoT ongoing problems; high OpEx, time constraints, and skilled human resources.

By starting the IoT project on this dynamic IoT platform, the customer can commit to more business opportunities without worrying about the cloud requirement policy and wasting human resources and time.

CTOs can focus on product development and enhance product features. Business owners may concentrate on business growth.

Pay only for what you use

The main concern when finding an IoT platform is the cost. With Neuko Cloud IoT platform, you will only be charged on the connected device.

With this module, whether you are a business owner, developer, or individual, you only pay for what you use, nothing more.

So does it at the right cost? Most important is to know what you are paying for.

Many customers do not know what they are paying for when connected to an IoT platform. Visit Neuko’ pricing page to learn more about it.

One platform rules them all

Too many cloud providers offer various features, and you have good solutions, but can your solutions meet your customer’s IoT cloud.

What if you meet ten customers that request different cloud providers. Catering to all these requires more skilled human resources, cost, and time. This scenario can cause businesses not to focus on developing their products.

Thus, Neuko is here to fill the gap. Now, anyone can build their IoT. Neuko IoT platform is the way to connect effectively and serve the IoT gap with efficient cost, time, and commitment.

Is what we offer related to your IoT needed?