Adoption to cloud from on-premise

Good Design of Telemetric State

What is telemetric state? Telemetric state is the collection of measurements or data that is associated with any process, machinery, or environment. Telemetric state can be viewed as a discrete methodology for transforming a physical condition into a more quantifiable form in a digital environment in any instantaneous state. For instance, hot water in a …

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Digital world connected with iot application

Neuko Primary Services

On-Premise to Cloud Migration There are many factors to consider when choosing a cloud provider to connect with. One factor in evaluating cloud adoption and migration process is the cost involved. Thus Neuko’s role is to help organizations adopt and migrate to cloud platforms for cost savings. To start to adopt or to move to …

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Adoption to cloud from on-premise

On-Premise To Cloud Migration

As businesses continue to grow, so does their need for reliable and scalable IT infrastructure. That’s where cloud computing comes in. By migrating your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, you can reap numerous benefits, including long-term cost efficiencies and increased security. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top advantages of moving to …

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What Neuko wants to do

IoT Platforms are mostly the same, so why Neuko?

The Needs of Cloud IoT Platforms IoT (Internet of Things) platforms may sound common among developers and engineering students. Developers find a suitable IoT platform to suit their company products and condition that might end up using more than one IoT platform to fulfill their customer needs. The students will be searching for which IoT …

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Neuko solutions to your IoT journey

Does Neuko’s offering related to your IoT needs?

Neuko’s existence resulted from the problems experienced by an ex-CTO facing multiple times rejecting IoT projects due to different policies in cloud requirements. When a company is interested in the products, the development team needs to rewrite the code from scratch, increasing costs and time and requiring different talent. Adding to this, the customer wants …

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The first 6 months progress

The first 6 months

Neuko Sdn Bhd successfully registered on paper on the last day of 2021, after finalizing its purpose to be formed. Officially incorporated on 31 December 2021, the struggle and the impossibility of integrating a system from one cloud provider to another is the fundamental idea behind Neuko’s existence in the Internet of Things (IoT) market. …

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Programmer writing codes on laptop

The Problems

It starts with experiencing the difficulty of finding the most suitable Internet of Things (IoT) platform to commence an IoT project. The previous company he works for has an idea and customers but not so much the capital. However, building the pilot project already costs a very high OpEx to the company account. In the …

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